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The difference between engine oil and lubricating oil


The difference between engine oil and lubricating oil

The engine is the heart of the car, the lubricating oil is the blood of the car, and the engine oil is composed of Base Oil and additives. The base oil is the main component of the lubricating oil, which determines the basic properties of the lubricating oil. The additives can make up and improve the performance of the base oil. Most people do not know much about engine oil and lubricating oil, semi-synthetic and synthetic oil. The difference, the following is a detailed introduction to them.

What is automotive oil ?
Engine oil, that is, engine oil, English name: Engine oil. Automotive oil is a liquid or semi-solid lubricant used to lubricate and reduce friction on various types of vehicles, protect machinery and processed parts, mainly for lubrication, auxiliary cooling, cooling, sealing Leakage prevention, shock absorption and other functions. There are many metal surfaces that rub against each other in the engine. These parts move fast and the environment is poor. The working temperature can reach 400°C to 600°C. Under such harsh working conditions, only qualified lubricants can reduce the wear of engine parts and extend the service life.

What is semi-synthetic motor oil?
Semi-synthetic motor oil is one of automobile motor oils. It uses semi-Synthetic Base Oil, which is the product purified by hydrofission technology on the basis of mineral oil. It is a mixture of mineral motor oil and fully synthetic motor oil in a 4:6 relationship. The purity of semi-synthetic oil is very close to that of fully synthetic oil, but its cost is slightly higher than that of mineral oil. It is an ideal transition product from mineral oil to synthetic oil.

What is a fully synthetic lubricant?
Synthetic motor oil is a compound prepared by humans using chemical methods and can contain additives. During the manufacturing process, various natural substances are selected for chemical decomposition, and then synthesized with various other substances, and finally synthetic motor oil is produced.
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